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2024 Entrepreneur Scholars Application Form

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Please send this link: Entrepreneur Scholars Recommendation Form to the people you would like to submit a recommendation on your behalf. You need at least 2 recommendation forms to complete your E-Scholar application. 

 1) One recommendation should come from someone who can speak to your academic engagement on campus (this might be a professor or an academic advisor).

2. One recommendation should come from someone who can speak to your character & engagement outside of the classroom (this might be a boss, supervisor, coach, FR or RA). *Both recommendations should come from someone who knows you well enough to complete these forms.   

** Although not required, you may choose to have a third recommender.    

Names of recommenders
This is so we can follow up with them if we are missing your forms
Background Check
To whom it may concern, I am applying to become an Entrepreneur Scholar beginning fall 2020. I understand that part of the process is to complete a background check. By putting my name and the date below, I give permission for the Office of the Dean of Students to provide the McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship any information about disciplinary situations that I have been involved with on the College of Saint Benedict and St. John’s University campuses.
Social Media

As part of the application process, the Center will be conducting a survey of your social media presences on several social media platforms.