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Entrepreneur Scholars Recommendation Form

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University
Entrepreneur Scholar (E-Scholars) Candidate Recommendation
Students participating in the E-Scholars Program should possess an entrepreneurial mindset. People with an entrepreneurial mindset are action oriented, open minded, curious and have a high tolerance for ambiguity. They are persistent, independent, and are able to craft lofty visions while engaged in the classroom with peers with diverse academic interests and personal profiles, interests, and portfolios.

The E-Scholars students are viewed as ambassadors of the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University during their engagement with alumnae/i, local and regional communities as well as group business travel with US and global destinations.

As one familiar with the day-to-day living and working patterns of the applicant, please rank him/her with other students you know. Please use the space below to share your insights on their characteristics and your observations on their readiness or possibilities as an E-Scholar participant.
Name of student you are recommending
Recommender information
In comparison to other students I work with, this student...
Truly excels in area
Better than most
Somewhat better than average
Somewhat weaker than average
Weaker than most students
N/A or Not Observed
Ability to adapt to a new environment
Ability to accept personal responsibility
Ability to get things done
Ability to spot opportunities
Energy and Excitement about ideas
General self-discipline
Sensitivity to the needs/rights of others
Overall maturity and judgment
Seeks out opportunities to meet new people different than themselves

Share three words that describe the candidate and their engagement in your community.

Please fill out this form by March 1st 2022. Email Kelli Gradin at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you!