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Request for Renewal of Housing Accommodation

This is a renewal form for CSB+SJU students who have previously been approved for housing accommodations by Student Accessibility Services. All CSB+SJU students with documented disabilities must request a renewal prior to the March 6th deadline.

Documentation: May or may not be required

  • For those planning to renew requests from previous years, updated documentation is NOT required. 
  • For those who are requesting anything different to request from previous years, will need to provide updated documentation prior to the March 6th deadline. Our documentation form can be found here

Important Information:

  • Student Accessibility Services will not entertain requests for specific buildings.
  • Preference-based requests, not directly related to an individual’s disability, will not be considered when reviewing accommodation requests.
  • Pre-selection offers are intended to accommodate an individual’s access-related needs, not circumvent the housing selection process. 
  • The role of SAS is to provide recommendations to The Office of Residential Life and Housing of appropriate accommodations. The Office of Residential Life and Housing will then make offers of assignments based on the recommended accommodations.